Bedding: remove and store without the headache

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

Every morning starts with cleaning of pillows, blankets, bed linen in a niche to transform the room into the day room and the night threatens to extract them in a new way?

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

If you add more accuracy and convenience, the task can seem overwhelming: things take a lot of space, folding and cleaning take time. In this article you will find lots of ideas and life hacks how to make your life easier, throwing difficulties at the same time settling in the house of purity, beauty and comfort.

Council on where and how to store linens, we asked designer Mary Borovoe.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

Under the bed

When choosing a bed note, does it have drawers to store linen, this will help to save space and time. If the bed is sideways to the wall or traffic interferes with other furniture, the way out of the situation offers us linkage: the bottom goes up, opening access to the “containers”.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

Options with built-in drawers or a lifting mechanism for easy cleaning and storage, and costs respectively. Adherents savings can be recommended to place linen in the bags have a zipper that facilitates opening/closing, but then the size should choose suitable and to ascertain the presence of a hard skeleton, since soft you lose a lot more time.
Alternative to be compact locking drawer, moving with wheels.

Under the mattress

In very extreme situations for storing bed linen sets you can take the space under the mattress is a mystery no one will solve. This is not a very reliable option since things are in such a position is easy to crumple.

In the head

When there is no possibility to send pillows and blankets under the bed, then the output is the space behind the bed. It all depends on the space: drawers, shelves, on other occasions basket (wicker look beautiful). As long as their capacity was enough for linen or sets in reserve. This method is suitable for rooms where there is a loft bed.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

In the catwalk

State of the art solution of increasing the spaciousness of the apartment steel podiums: convenient, practical, safe. Putting on such a structure bed, you solve two problems simultaneously: hide for the daytime storage of bedding sets and will not take up any extra space. Moreover, here is where to turn imagination of the designer: at the base of the podium easily accommodate drawers, a quiet place is formed in the step as well as the design itself remains free storage space.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

Sleep on the couch

Folding models and the majority are created already built-in drawers to contain bedding, but if none, then to the back put a compact Cabinet. Its dimensions depend on the availability of free space. Open it up exclusively, and therefore convenient for pillows and blankets, bed linen better to send in other place to search for it in depth.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

A chest, drawer or Ottoman

In this embodiment, a “container” for lingerie is becoming more ornamental luxury: old styled, embellished in distinctive ways, his style will not go unnoticed. The capacity of the chest is known, and the lid will serve as the perfect “shelf” to put the book down. In combination with a convertible sofa easily “transformered” coffee table (if the cover is flat).

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

The box can turn into a poof, if you put the same size of the cushion — comfortable to sit then near the dressing table. He will also serve as a nightstand.

A chest of drawers or wardrobe

Not to come up with extra containers taking up space, please note on the dresser — I’m sure if you dig deep, it will be found a couple of boxes, where you can fold clothes. However, there are usually placed only spare sets, and the bed remains unmade. Blankets and pillows in the drawers just will not fit.

An interesting addition to the furniture in the bedroom cupboard. Shallow — it practical are all of the bedding can be of different shape, depending on the situation room. Low-wide, similar to a chest or dresser, visually increase the height of the ceiling, and imitation of the canister will fit perfectly in a narrow space.

Постельные принадлежности: убираем и храним без головной боли

If the choice falls on the wardrobe for spare blankets and pillows take the top shelf, rarely used.

Pantry or closet

In some houses a separate pantry is provided by the architecture — use them for storage. There is linen and bedding things to check better, as are not in such a close space like in your wardrobe. In addition, while there, they will not take right area for clothes.

Master class for ease of storage: the Golden rules

  • The close location. No matter how few square meters, the furniture in the room is — try to allocate space for storage. Much easier to keep need to sleep things in the same room where you sleep.
  • Order. It’s nice when you open the door and immediately see where everything is. No special tricks — fold linen in one of the pillowcases of the set. Nothing is lost, even piles will please order in the wardrobe and appearance.
  • Vacuum packages. To use them — a pleasure: with a vacuum cleaner removes the air, and the thing in the eyes reduced in size.
  • Let oxygen! Where is the linen, be sure to allow for the presence of air and its constant flow. In the closet, make sure there is ventilation.
  • Flavors. To give freshness and hold it for a couple of nights even on hot days will help the special aromatic substances.
  • For tips and illustrations thank designer Mary Borovoe.