Ставшая многодетной мамой Алсу страдает от ревности к мужу Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva calculated as the birth of a son changed the life of a star. According to women, the artist will have a hard time with the little Raphael, as it is complex.

      Singer Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov on August 10 for the third time became the parents. The child was born in an Israeli hospital, Ichilov, heir named Rafael. The couple has two daughters – 9-year-old Safina 8-year-old Mikelle. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied date of birth Alsu and Jan and made a prediction for the future of the couple.

      “Life code Alsou – 369325 means that she’s the host of a sign of progress and has the gift of prediction – sure, Clara. – She is a skeptic, doesn’t believe any forecasts, but at the same time she, as a psychic, can see into the future. It is inherent in the sacrifice in the relationship, which is in the hands of her husband, but bothers her. Accustomed to please spouse and children, the singer often forgets himself and suffers mood swings”.

      According to numerology, life with an artist is very difficult. The woman claims that Alsu very jealous, and it can not affect family well-being.

      “She doesn’t even have to give a reason to have her husband showdown,” continues Clara. She was lucky that Ian was a very patient man, it is almost impossible to ruffle. At Lil Wayne after her 33rd birthday began a period of decline, characterized by lack of strength and energy. Third motherhood will give her a hard time, and the star will have to seek the help of governesses.

      After studying the date of birth of the little heir Alsu and Yan Abramov, a specialist came to the conclusion that the kid will gravitate to the creativity. Clara Kuzenbaeva stresses that this boy will have a strong character. However, parents will still have to modify it.

      “Life code Raphael – 189 167 – suggests that the child was born the day the velvet voice, so it’s possible that he will continue the work mother and become a singer,” says Kuzenbaeva. – The boy is strong-willed character. When he grows up, Alsu takes a lot of patience to tame the temper of his son. Since then, as Raphael learns to speak, he will rebuff these things, who try to criticize him, the boy will be very painful to perceive any attempt to contradict him. Also parents have to teach the boy flexibility, tact and patience, otherwise, his hot temper will serve him in life unkind.”

      According to numerology, Alsu and Jan will need to follow closely the environment of the younger offspring. Too trusting and don’t understand people, he can get into bad company. “At the same time Rafael is a hard worker, he’ll be rich. Communication and the legacy of famous parents will be on hand, but without them he would have achieved a lot, ” said Clara. – He’s a lucky and artistic people around him will always be many interested in communicating with him girls. I suggest Alsu to do with Rafael chess – analytical warehouse of the child will allow him to achieve in this sport with excellent results.”

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