Стали известны требования Эмбер Херд в заявлении о разводе

The lip is not a fool. Hollywood actress amber heard, who went on to marry johnny Depp, requires after 15 months of marriage, the penthouse, the car, the Range Rover and 50 thousand dollars monthly content. The actress says that housing and car the husband gave her when they were still great. Also, Depp needs to cover all legal costs and payment of attorney services.

The lawyer of the actor believes that heard excessive queries, and positioning itself as a successful model and actress, she could earn herself.
According to the amber, the marriage with johnny was hell. In the documents, the actress filed a lawsuit, she called the last eighteen years of his life in the most horrific of his life.
They and johnny have moved in together in 2012, and 3 February 2015 they got married. In its lawsuit, amber told me that all this time, “johnny insulted her verbally and physically.”
“I experienced a strong emotional, verbal and physical abuse from johnny. He was often angry, humiliated me and threatened me every time, when I questioned his authority or disagreed with his opinion. His mood was influenced by the long-known history of alcohol and drug abuse. Sometimes because of drugs and alcohol, the line between reality and hallucinations he blurred.
..Johnny had often succumbed to the paranoia. I was scared around him, I felt in danger and I have a real reason.. I decided to break up with him for the sake of their security” — said amber.
Hurd alleges that on April 21 spouse had an argument with the drunk johnny. He got angry, smashed a bottle of champagne against the wall, and threw a glass at his wife. Then, according to amber, he grabbed her by the hair and forcefully pushed on the floor. After that, the couple had not seen for a month. May 21, johnny again showed up at the house and drunk again.
During a verbal altercation the actor left the mobile phone, got amber right in the head. The actress was injured on the cheeks and eyes, caused by home however law enforcement officers did not see the object of the crime.
Recall that Hurd got the same temporary injunction – johnny forbade her to approach closer than 100 m. the Word amber in relation to domestic violence was confirmed by a friend of the actress Raquel rose Pennington, who has repeatedly heard over the past few years, complaints from the herd. Who would have thought – looks like a decent man.

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