Become aware of the illegitimate children of brad pitt

Стало известно о внебрачных детях Брэда Питта

The family Jolie-Pitta suffered another scandal…

Angelina and brad are bred from then on, they began to live together, so fans of couples don’t even pay attention to it. But it looks like the actors really have a strong argument for the fight. American singer Melissa Etheridge said that brad pitt is the father of her children!

According to 54-year-old Melissa Etheridge, a few years ago she and brad were close friends. And when she said she wants the kids, he offered his assistance… So, in 1997, the singer had a daughter Bailey, and in 1998 the son of Beckett.

Of course, the controversial history of Melissa Etheridge sounds pretty weird. Maybe she was joking?

While Angelina Jolie, reportedly close to her sources have taken the statement of the ex-girlfriends husband very seriously, and now insists that pitt has handed over DNA paternity test. Otherwise, “Mrs. Smith” she will go to Melissa in order to understand the situation.

The reaction of brad, Jolie is unknown. It is likely that he ignored the criticism of his wife and once again advised her to calm down and better your health. According to recent reports, the weight of the actress have reached a critical point 38 kg!

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