Ставшая «необъятной» Глафира Тарханова начала стремительно худеть
The actress sat on a rigid diet after criticism online.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Photo: @glafiratarhanova Instagram Glafira Tarhanova

Glafira Tarhanova reads all the comments that she wrote to the pictures in social networks. Thanks to them, the actress learns a lot about himself. For example, subscribers rudely told the actress that she should start to follow the figure. “Glafira like you’ve gained weight! You need to go on a diet. You become immense!” — this message began to appear under a recently posted video on Instagram Tarhanova.

Glafira did not stoop to the level of the enemies and to answer the critics did not. But a few days later she went into a cafe, where he allowed himself to eat dessert. To avoid a repetitive discussion of her appearance, the actress told fans that the village is already on a diet and began rapidly losing weight. And eaten the piece of cake was the exception to the rule.

“Lavender cake and let the diet wait. For those who worried that I was immense: I’ve already shrinking fast, today is an exception!” — reassured fans Glafira.

Recall that in September last year Tarkhanov became a mother for the fourth time! The artist is born another son, named Nicephorus. Besides him, the family artist growing up there are three other boys: Roots, yermolai and proud.