Beckham’s son takes after his father in his personal life

Сын Бекхэмов берет пример с отца в личной жизни The son of Victoria and David Beckham Dating actress Chloe Moretz for nearly two years. Despite the fact that many young people often change girlfriends son the star couple faithful to his beloved and grieved at times when between them there were disagreements.


    Сын Бекхэмов берет пример с отца в личной жизни

    17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham and actress Chloe Moretz not long ago went through a difficult period in the relationship. Between passionate disagreement and they stopped communicating for a while, but in April of this year got back together. Rumor has it that the young man is even going to make the girl a proposal of marriage. Like his dad David, Brooklyn is considered to be a one-woman man. At such a young age, usually when young people frequently change girlfriends, his heart only belongs to Khloe.

    On the eve of the celebrity couple appeared together in public. Brooklyn came to support his beloved on the premiere of the film “Neighbors. On the trail of war 2,” where Chloe played a major role. A young man dressed in a suit, white shirt and slim tie. Thanks to the rolled sleeves, his face looked bored. His girlfriend appeared in a revealing black dress, which bared his shoulders and was struck by the depth of the neckline and the transparency of the fabric. The lovers embraced and held hands, not shy of attention of photographers.

    Some time ago, Moretz has confirmed in an interview on the TV show Andy Cohen that he and Brooklyn together. “I think if I stop to make a secret of it, people would pay us less attention, so yeah, we are in relationship”, said Chloe.

    Recall that the romance between Chloe and Brooklyn broke out in 2014. The pair appeared together at the awards Teen Choice Awards, which caused much talk. Within two years they are not seen together at major social events: the premiere of the film “If I stay” at the concert and ed Sheeran at the music festival Made in America Festival.

    By the way, for several years Brooklyn is trying to be independent from their parents. The eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham went to work as a Barista in a coffee shop. According to the tabloid The Sun, his work is estimated at 2.68 pounds per hour (approximately 157 rubles).

    “David and Victoria want the children to know what hard work is. Brooklyn wants to have their own money and be your own master. His mother and father happy,” said sources close to the family of celebrities.

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