Because Maxim broke someone else’s family

Из-за Максим распалась чужая семья
Recently it became known that max was the cause of breaking up a family.

Из-за Максим распалась чужая семья

About this magazine “StarHit” said the woman, turning to the editor.

“I want to tell you how Maksim took my husband. 17 years of marriage finished, the child was left without a father.

Из-за Максим распалась чужая семья

It turned out that the woman’s husband met with the singer at the airport in the VIP room, and they exchanged phone numbers.

“Honestly, most worried about the son that will be with me – still – says Lyudmila. – I don’t know what can go still my husband. It seems that all the 17 years I was not familiar with this man.”

After meeting at the airport with Maxim the man has changed, in the end, Lyudmila was forced to file for divorce.

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