Из-за двойного свидания Пелагеи и Овечкина в Сети разгорелся скандал
Internet users are outraged by the act of the singer.

Из-за двойного свидания Пелагеи и Овечкина в Сети разгорелся скандал

Pelagia, Ivan Telegin

Photo: Instagram

Pelagia together with his girlfriend Anastasia Subsky arranged
a double date with grooms — Alexander Ovechkin and Ivan by Telegony. Friendly company dinner at a fancy restaurant. However, subscribers
Anastasia Subsky, who first shared a joint photo (the second was myself
Pelageya) more excited about a longstanding rumor. According to rumors, for Pelagia Ivan
Telegin left the civil wife and child. And Internet users
divided into two camps. While some were touched by the happiness of couples, other
criticized pelage. “Pelagia built a model of purity and morality, not
prevented her to contact a guy that’s had a baby! Ugly
story!” — outraged one.

“What are you on pelage chase? Also do not virgin Mary,
probably. Divorced moralfags and Usama finger in the pie! Happiness young and
happy life in America!” — wrote others.

Such a debate takes place almost every
joint the Pelagia and Ivan. Telegin even closed to prying his
the page on the social network. The singer, however, his happiness no longer hide.
Her page is still the only place for her groom with only happy.

By the way, they are very disappointed that you will not see
favorite Executive at the famous rock festival “Invasion”. Official
representatives of the star explain this with the fact that during it, the singer will not be
in Russia — it takes a vacation after a difficult and extensive touring. However
gossips gossip about the fact that Pelagia sacrificed performance at the festival
the wedding and the honeymoon.

Pelagia, Ivan Telegin, Alexander Ovechkin, Anastasia Subsky

Photo: Instagram

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