Стало известно, почему врачи запретили МакSим работать
The singer passes the required tests for re-examination.


Photo: @maksimartist Instagram

It turned out the reason Maksim leaves the stage at
extended period of time. As it turned out, constant stress, overwork and
lack of sleep has done its job. The singer started having problems with blood vessels
of the brain. This is with reference to an informed source reports Starhit.ru. Experts after the tests
highly recommended the artist some time to relax from work
as her health condition made the doctors serious fears for the life of a star.

“Health complications, Marina started a long time ago,
A few months ago before the show she became ill started strong
dizziness, pain, tinnitus. Before this happened, but usually
home. Lay — passed and not even complained. Then had to ask for
medical help. After returning to Moscow to be examined in the clinic.
Then was diagnosed with serious vascular problems caused
most likely, overwork and lack of sleep. Marina always want to do everything —
and daughters to spend time and music work out, and night mounting clip
control and recovery, as a rule, early: Junior, Masha, lark
another one to Breakfast without my mom refuses!” — told the publication in
the environment of the singer.

At the moment Maksim passes all the necessary tests for
re-examination. The actress says that the reasons for concern
no. According to her, she kept postponing the moment and not attach importance
symptoms, but now it’s time to come to grips with their own
health. All the free time, the star plans to spend with her daughters.