Became known why Olga Buzova in a hurry to become a mother

Стало известно, почему Ольга Бузова торопится стать матерью
The singer is looking for the perfect father of your future kids.

Olga Buzova with his beloved grandmother

Olga Buzova was thinking about how to be a mother. According to
singer, she was left to find a potential father of their unborn child. TV presenter
hurry as very much wants her grandmother had to baby-sit great-grandchildren. “My Granny soon eighty! Will do everything that she lived
happily and no worries… it is a Pity that grandpa could not wait for the great-grandchildren. But
grandma needs! Where are you, my love?” — asks the star in the individual

Quite possibly, the desire of the artist, which for almost two
year alone will come true soon. Because the channel is TNT this fall kicks off a new
the show “Married with Buzova” and, according to rumors, Olga has got acquainted with their potential
grooms. Casting for all who wish to become lovers Buzova already underway. Future
the project participants were charged with very stringent requirements.

It must be ambitious and accomplished
(read, wealthy) men from 18 to 40 years. Of course, they can’t be
tie the knot. Of preferred professions Olga had the following to say:
creative personality and office workers, athletes, startups, military,
the participants of the reality show, research workers, pros. In addition,
online application form men have to give a link to your account
any social network to which they belong. The editors will evaluate
“interesting” character, and then show Buzova, which, as they say,
on social networks, “the dog ate”.