Became known why ex-husband Sedokova wants to take my daughter

Стало известно, почему бывший муж Седоковой хочет забрать дочь The artist will continue to fight for her daughter Monica, who now lives with his father, Maxim Chernyavsky in the United States. As told Sedokova, she is not allowed to see the child without the presence of lawyers. The former wife of singer have their reasons.

Some time ago Anna Sedokova openly talked about the problems in the relationship with her ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy. It turned out that he wants to stop the communication daughter Monica with my mom. Now the artist has to work a lot to pay American lawyers. Grandma Monica’s father’s side and Maxim are more likely to win a court case

“I probably would have rated as 30 to 70. 30% that the child will leave with her, 70%, because it no long appealed to the court when the child stayed with the father,” – said the lawyer.

Sedokova can not understand why ex-husband went against her. The Cherniavsky family has not yet commented in detail the current situation. It is known that in the USA the meeting of Anna with her daughter is possible.

Presumably, Cherniavsky resent the abundance of Cavaliers that surround Anna. According to the star, she doesn’t want to be with one man if it ceases to meet its requirements. In it she admitted to journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

“I absolutely do not understand the positions that now need to grab some guy to live with him, to hold on to. Palest hue, but yours”, – said Sedokova.

Anna has always demonstrated in the social networks happy smiles of the children, but because of the situation the singer had even lost the peace. In the microblog she reported how she manages to see Monica.

“Now I can meet up with our daughter only a matron who, when we sleep at night, hugging (and I am grateful to God for this opportunity, because many don’t), sits and looks at us. So many things… I don’t even know how to tell”, – said Sedokova.

Monica Cherniavsky was born in July 2011 in America. Former husband of Anna Sedokova Maxim Cherniavsky was kind to the artist even after a breakup. Sometimes the singer left both daughters with him and went on tour. The first successor of Anna, Alina was born from her marriage with football player Valentin Belkevich. The athlete died a few years ago. “I try not to give in and be tough. She always was and mom and dad, I have to be quite strict, although I hate that Ala does well, she’s five, is seriously engaged in tennis… But she really needs an incentive, next to peers who want to achieve much”, said Anna about the education of the eldest heir.