Стало известно, почему Энрике Иглесиас расстался с семьей
The musician made an unexpected confession.

Enrique Iglesias


43-year-old Enrique Iglesias has long not seen his
girlfriend Anna kournikova, nor their children —
twins Lucy and Nicholas. But he parted with them, of course, not because
he just wanted a break from the family, and because of their tour.

Enrique is a big world tour. Now it has already reached Israel, where they held a spectacular show, accompanied by laser special effects. View his concert on
the stadium in tel Aviv was attended by about 50
of thousands of fans.

“If you knew how much I terribly miss my family!” — admitted
Enrique. “But I love what I do — being on stage,
to be surrounded by my fans. It’s my family — the two main things that I
the road in life!” Iglesias said, explaining how he was able so long
to part with their adorable 5-month babies.

During one of Enrique’s concerts, which often
accused of excessive secrecy (for example, he managed as many as 9
months to hide the pregnancy of Anna), tried to justify before the fans. ”
really, I sometimes share with you what is happening in my personal life.
But I prefer to do it with my songs!” explained Iglesias.

While Enrique is touring, his girlfriend Anna is Nicholas and
Lucy. Kournikova admitted she loves being a mom. Recently athlete
shared a funny video, which captured how she teaches dance
baby Lucy, perched comfortably in the Bjorn on her stomach.

#girlfun #movetomiami Little one, please don’t inherit my dance moves ???????? [email protected]

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