Became known why Elizabeth II refused to celebrate the anniversary

Стало известно, почему Елизавета II отказалась от празднования юбилея
The Queen posed for a photo with the gift of his beloved.

Elizabeth II with Prince Philip

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Instagram Buckingham Palace)

Elizabeth II, who celebrates today his “platinum”
wedding — 70th anniversary of marriage to Prince Philip — absolutely
withdrew from public celebrations on the occasion of this important date. Instead
to make fireworks, parades, large receptions and the like — as it was, when we celebrated the 90th birthday of the Queen — she prefers quiet family
the lunch in Windsor Castle. And if the celebration of his jubilee birthday
her Dodge failed last year, when she broke another record, becoming the most long reigning
monarhine in British history, Elizabeth chose to commemorate him as a quiet tea party in the Palace.

time ago Elizabeth explained why she doesn’t like does not consider it justified
“pompous” festivities. “Actually, when
live as long as I have, from time to time in your life is inevitable
meet round date. And — I’m just another confirmation of this
rules…” stated the Queen. The only thing the Queen has agreed this year, is
posing for a new formal portrait with their spouse. The honour to do it
photo was entrusted to the famous photographer Matt Holyoak. The Queen posed for
his portrait in the cream dress created by her personal designer and dresser — Angela Kelly. And complements Elizabeth your outfit spectacular decoration —
gold brooch with rubies and diamonds presented to her by Philip in 1966,
its fortieth anniversary.

On the occasion of the anniversary was published again and the old
photos from the wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth with her beloved. It
the ceremony, held just two years after the end of the Second
World, then broadcast on the radio. And, according to reports, he was watched
live more than 200 millions people worldwide. And at the wedding,
held in Westminster Abbey (the same place where in 2011, Kate Middleton
became the wife of the heir to the throne), was attended by about 2,000 guests.

Incidentally, the current Queen’s jubilee has become her new
record – no monarch in the history of Britain can boast such a long
marriage. Closest to the achievement of Elizabeth and Philip managed to get closer George and Queen Charlotte who were married for 57 years. And
that’s what concerns Queen Victoria, she was married “only” 21 years,
since her beloved husband Prince albert died relatively young — at the age of just 42 years.