Became known why Duchess Catherine refused Prince Harry

Стало известно, почему герцогиня Кэтрин отказала принцу Гарри
Wife of William did not want to be bridesmaid.

Стало известно, почему герцогиня Кэтрин отказала принцу Гарри

Kate Middleton


Preparations for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, about the engagement which was announced last week, is in full swing.
Already mentioned and the date when the Prince and his bride become husband and wife, and
the place where the wedding will take place. And now it became known that Harry
decided on the best man. The Prince turned
a formal request to his elder brother to support him during
the ceremony, and he enthusiastically agreed. But the wife of William, Duchess Catherine,
refused the proposed honor, saying that can’t be a girlfriend

What was the reason for the refusal, not
reported. It has been suggested that the Duchess did not want to accept the offer
due to the fact that it will be too busy with her children — George and Charlotte. However, as it became
you know, George and Charlotte will become the participants of the ceremony: the son of the Duchess of
will page, and the young Princess “flower girl.” So for the older look,
likely not necessary. However
the time of the wedding, the light should appear the baby, who is now pregnant
Duchess. And, as argued, the marriage date was specifically shifted
by the end of may that Catherine had the opportunity to come to the wedding. After all, although
the Duchess is scheduled to give birth no later than the beginning of may, the last two times,
when she was waiting for George and Charlotte, she “perehazhival” longer term. So
Harry decided to err.

Curiously, when William married Catherine,
his best man was just Harry. So the husband of the Duchess will have a Junior now
brother return the favor. As for
bridesmaid at the wedding of William, then it was sister Catherine, Pippa Middleton. But this time Pippa is unlikely to play the same role at the wedding, Harry,
in fact, according to available information, she’s also waiting
child from her husband James Matthews. But by may, most likely, will not give birth.

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton at the wedding of Prince William