Became known why Daniel Craig refused to play bond

Стало известно, почему Дэниел Крэйг отказывался играть Бонда
Because of the involvement in the franchise, the actor lost a friend.

Daniel Craig


A colleague of Daniel Craig, who asked,
his name was not disclosed, was recently revealed secret — why the end of the film “Spectrum”,
last date movie franchise, Craig said that will never return to the role

Daniel then shocked everyone with his controversial
statement: he said that he’d rather slit his wrists than I will play again
Bond. While many took this statement as a manifestation of black
ingratitude — after all, the work of the actor was paid more than generously. Not to mention
that through their participation in Bondage he gained millions
fans. And only now revealed,
why Craig allowed himself such an incorrect statement. Turns out the whole thing
was that he had quarreled with the Director of the film, which as I thought then
the actor will shoot the next bond movie.

The most offensive in this
the story is that before you meet with Sam Mendesa on the set of the first two films
bond shot the Director, Craig supported him with excellent relationships. As
witnessed a colleague Daniela first time working with Sam on “Skyfallen”,
they communicated without a problem. He joked and understood each other perfectly.
But then the Medes and Craig began to fight over creative differences. And by the end of
filming of the second project — “Spectrum” they were barely speaking to each other. And
Daniel decided that another film with Mendes he would not survive.

But now that Sam
resolutely refused the honor to shoot another movie about the bond, Craig, on reflection,
decided I’ll play it, perhaps 007 in the fifth, and maybe even the 6th time. As for the Director of the future project,
with him the producers have not yet determined. One of the main contenders
this position is considered to be Christopher Nolan.