Became known why children Beyonce not being discharged from the hospital

Стало известно, почему детей Бейонсе не выписывают из больницы
The doctors are trying to prevent serious complications of the condition of the twins.


Photo: @beyonce Instagram Beyonce

According to the information that was able to
reporter site children beyoncé who were born in
last week, held in the hospital is not by accident. The fact is,
the doctors of the medical institution are afraid of the complications that can
occur in health

As reported by the informant of the site, although the children of the singer
born in time, they recognized “physiologically immature”. In addition, doctors
diagnosed and they have jaundice. In General, jaundice in newborns are not uncommon and
usually do not require special treatment. But in some complicated cases
it can lead to serious consequences, including, to the defeat of
the Central nervous system. Which in turn can cause a delay
development or even lead to coma.

This unfavorable scenario can be particularly
high if we are talking about prematurity on the timing or state of maturity of the children. So
to avoid serious complications in children Beyonce, currently
conducted intensive therapy, including, inter alia, phototherapy with
a special lamp. So let’s hope — with twins everything will be fine and at the end
of therapy, they will be discharged.

Incidentally, neither Beyonce nor her husband Jay Z still
not commented on the birth of children. The only “official” statement
did the singer’s father Matthew Knowles, which was posted on the social network “card”
with his congratulations, and said that he was the grandfather of the kids.