Became known why Catherine Duchess hastened to announce her pregnancy

Стало известно, почему герцогиня Кэтрин поторопилась объявить о своей беременности
The doctor ordered the wife of Prince William “in bed”.

Kate Middleton


One of today held formal events, Prince William,
taking congratulations on the occasion announced the pregnancy of his wife, said:
“It is without a doubt very joyful for us news. However, to celebrate this event we started
just for this week. Prior to that Katherine was not in the best mood…”

In fact, hurry with the official announcement that she is pregnant, absolutely
not the intention of Catherine. After all, the Duchess is still at an early stage
pregnancy — not more than 12 weeks. She and her husband’s relatives (i.e.
members of the Royal family), and even his parents told about his “interesting situation” still very
recently. But the Duchess felt so bad that she had to cancel
participation in all official events for the foreseeable future. And
the announcement was made to explain her absence at important meetings. So
William will now appear everywhere without a spouse.

As for the well-being of the Duchess, it now really leaves
much to be desired. The fact that she was very unlucky: Catherine is pregnant in the third
time and the third time it is normal toxemia of pregnancy is going through so
called “hyperemesis gravidarum”. It
the complication is accompanied by a continuous
nausea and vomiting up to 50 times a day, and can last much longer
the first 15 weeks.

In fact, the first rumors that the Duchess is pregnant, have started
spread until about a week ago, when it became known that Catherine
he was urgently hospitalized in one of the London hospitals, but at the same time,
her illness is not reported. Currently, as stated in the official statement, the Duchess is
at home, at Kensington Palace, where she regularly visit doctors. In
particular, car medics saw the walls of the Palace as recently as yesterday…