Стало известно, почему в крови «пьяного» мальчика опять обнаружили алкоголь At the disposal of journalists turned out to be the full text of the document confirming the sobriety of the victim in an accident Alyosha Shimko from the heading. According to information, during the study, a mistake was made.
Стало известно, почему в крови «пьяного» мальчика опять обнаружили алкоголь

Despite the fact that the verdict Olga Alisovoy made arrival on a six-year Alyosha Shimko, had already been submitted in this case is still a lot of questions. In particular, the father of the deceased child, the novel was intended to deal with experts, made a mistake during blood tests. Previously, according to the findings of the investigation, specialist Mikhail Kleymenov admitted the contamination of the blood of the deceased boy. The biological sample to ferment for five days of storage in a refrigerator at a temperature of +4 degrees. That is why the instruments showed of 1.34 ppm.

To check conclusions kleimenova that the child really drinking alcohol, the experts needed to look for traces of its cleavage and transformation in vivo.

“Any chemical compounds, significantly pointing to the fact the introduction of outside alcohol solution in the blood sample of the corpse of Alex Shimko, in forensic chemical study of a sample of his blood revealed that neither confirm nor exclude this fact”, — reported in the latter study.

In order to obtain more reliable facts, the experts decided to identify a direct marker of in vivo alcohol — acylglucuronide. They conducted their forensic chemical study of blood sample Shimko. It is a substance was found.

In addition, the baby’s blood found dimethyl sulfide, it may be the product of alcoholic fermentation or degradation of sulfur-containing blood proteins, and microbial contaminated samples more mechanical, a product of the degradation of sulfur-containing proteins in microbial growth in the nutrient medium.

We will remind, on November 15 Olga Alisovo sentenced to three years in prison. On the eve of the final meeting of the woman told that the story of the accident fanned it by reporters.

“My presence here at the time of the investigation, the result of the negligence. Would not have this expertise, there would be no media, would not have perceived it as a blatant horrible case, would not be digging in my personal life outsiders, not painted terrible, stale way, bloodthirsty(…) cases Such as occurred on the day of the tragedy, April 23, according to the country often. And much worse and more terrible happens,” – said Olga.

According to the publication “gazety” the boy’s family intends to challenge the findings of the final examination.