Стало известно, почему Алсу два года пряталась с детьми в Америке
The singer returned with his family to Russia.

Alsu daughters: Michelley and Safina

Photo: Social networks

Shortly before the birth of her third child in 2016 Alsu left Russia. The last two years her family lived in America. As it turned out, left the singer in order to hide from Intrusive paparazzi. She wanted to live a “normal”, i.e. not a stellar life: to walk around the city and to go shopping without fear of a congestion of fans. And she didn’t want born son Rafael became the object of “hunting” of reporters.

Daughter Alsou Safina Mikella and lived in Los Angeles together with her mother and little brother. So the girls did not lag behind the school program, the singer has arranged them in a private school, where they graduated two classes. Rafael has grown up (in August it will be two years), and the girls ended the school year, so Lil Wayne decided to return home. Especially because she’s managed to miss the big stage.

Alsou in the States did not waste any time. She recorded a new album and shot a video for the song “Love u back”, which premiered not long ago took place. Long maternity leave I went to the artist for the benefit of: she gathered strength and ideas in order to surprise their fan art.

As for the son, Alsu some time ago stated my position and will stick to it. In the near future it hardly will show Raphael’s to the public. “”Photo of him I have never published in the near future do not intend. The social network I’m a cheerleader for their work. And that’s what they support. My children are neither part of my job, nor is it a part of public relations, so this topic is closed to me. That was our Ian a weighted decision, our very clear and unchanged position,” — tells Alsu.