Became known, who will shoot the sequel to “Jurassic World”

Стало известно, кто снимет продолжение «Мира Юрского периода»

Today Universal Studios has named the Director, who will take on the creation of a sequel “Jurassic World”.

It was the Spanish Director Juan Antonio Bayona, environments the most striking works of which “Shelter”, “Impossible”, “Scary tales”.

Continuation of the film in which the Central character are dinosaurs, must reach the big screens in 2018. At the moment, nothing but the name of the Director and the actors playing the main roles, is unknown. By the way, in the film Chris Pratt and Brias Dalas Howard.

We will remind, the premiere of “Jurassic World”, which is the sequel to “Jurassic Park”, was held in may of 2015.

Currently, the film holds the fourth place in the list of highest-grossing films in the history of cinema, with charges of more than $1.6 billion, including exceeded the indicator of the film “fast and furious 7” to achieve billion overseas — that it took him 13 days, while “fast and furious 7” has reached that mark in 17 days. Besides “Jurassic World” has established a record of charges of the second weekend of the USA gathering 106,59 million

Will the sequel “Jurassic World” even come close to this result?

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