Became known, who will replace Korchevnikov “Live”

Стало известно, кто заменит Корчевникова в «Прямом эфире»

A few hours ago it became known that Boris korchevnikov will no longer be leading the talk show “live”, but now it became known the identity of the person who will replace him in this position.

Reporters got in touch with Boris, but he was a man of few words.
“I’m in RTR, there is nothing unclear. A final decision on this issue”- said korchevnikov.

But if the presenter does not know, on the TV channel Russia has said that the new host of the talk show will be Dmitriy Shepelev.
We know that will be little changed and the format of the show and the Studio itself. The new program with Dmitry, as the lead will be aired in March this year.
As for Korchevnikov, then we can only speculate about the reasons for his departure. I believe that they can be health problems. Last year Boris has removed a brain tumor, which was benign.
We will remind that Dmitry Shepelev, who began his career as a TV presenter on the Belarusian and Ukrainian television, has long been a star of the “First channel”, and since 2009 has been leading programs “property of the Republic” and “Two voices”.