Became known, who taught Vysotsky to play the guitar

Стало известно, кто научил Высоцкого играть на гитаре
Classmate of actor Helen Sitko was a witness of the birth of the future stars of the art song.

Frame from the film “two comrades were Serving”. 1968


Vladimir Vysotsky gained its tremendous popularity not at once. For a long time, he did odd jobs in theatre and film he was not given large roles, and the songs were known only to a narrow circle of close friends. At the time of receipt of Vysotsky in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, course leader Pavel Massalsky, then one of the leading artists of the Moscow art Theater was on tour in England, so students listened to other teachers. And when somehow returned, almost all rejected.

“Vysotsky, just starting to read “Good attitude to horses”, where immediately stopped: “What’s with you voice?”, recalls classmate of actor Helen Sitko. — Vovk fright lied: “Recently a sore throat ill.” Somehow frowned: “Well, to heal, and then I’ll listen to you”. In the end, we were transferred to the group of Boris Vershilov caught a terrific teacher, we just adored. Here before him Volodka did not have to make excuses. Well, croaks student Vysotsky, what? Diction-he is beautiful. And our teacher of speech technology Elizaveta Sarycheva ever said to him: “Volodya, don’t change your voice is your identity”. Thus when from time to time came to see us and every time annoyed: “Vysotsky, so that you have a sore throat won’t go away?” The wolf meekly agreed: “I can”. And so all four years, “sore throat” took place. Now the voice of Vladimir Vysotsky — our national heritage, and no matter how much I try to imitate him, to reproduce this Volodkina the hoarseness could not be anyone else”.

Interestingly, the guitar in those days Vysotsky even to hold in hand could not. And envied Eugene Urbanska, who was three years older and in the company always appeared with a guitar. “Our classmate Roman Vildan played the violin and the guitar — he showed he how to pick up the chords, says Sitko. — Many people in their memoir writing, saying that I taught Vysotsky to play. But I know exactly what it is he taught him, and, incidentally, me too — a little. Volodya picked it up immediately. Any studying was easy for him! “I bet,” said, ” I have this semester is an increased scholarship?” And received an enhanced stipend. Was incredibly erudite, teachers could discuss any variety of topics. Then a compulsory subject was Marxism-Leninism, and it’s just a disaster, we’re in class dying of boredom. And Vova we are often rescued. Sat at the first Desk and with a straight face asked the teacher questions, he spoke enthusiastically about Marxism with Leninism, and we at this time quietly emerged from the audience on the Affairs”.