Стало известно, за кого тайно вышла замуж Аня Чиповская
The actress commented on the important event.

Стало известно, за кого тайно вышла замуж Аня Чиповская

Anya Chipovskaya

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Anya Chipovskaya
she married a lawyer is the best specialist in their field. According to
actress, she became a “female rear” for the elect. However, there was a
it’s with a star not in real life, and in the movie — soon on NTV will be released
serial film “the Winners”, where the artist played a major role. It kinomura was actor Nikita Panfilov, who performed the role
lawyer Nikolai Andronov, never lost a trial.

“My character is a woman-family, female-rear. They Antonovym happy, good for them, it’s been
time, but they are still sweetly in love. It is definitely the stem of their house, it
lots of wisdom, lots of patience, lots of love, — shares chipovskaya. — She
to cope with all the obstacles and temptations in your path because
the family is most important to her. It is very rare and is very valuable.”

The plot of the historical series is set in
Saint-Petersburg, 1895. The whole of Russia rattles the name of the famous capital
lawyer Nikolai Andronov (Nikita Panfilov), who did not lose any
of the judicial process. Help him true friends-lawyers Victor Rocevic
(Nikita Yefremov) and Michael Zavarzin (Yevgeny Antropov). The characters have become
the absolute stars in the sky of the capital of Bohemia. To get a ticket for court
the meeting is more difficult than in the fashion theatre. But once from Moscow to the capital arrives
the famous Prosecutor Gushchin (Fedor Lavrov), who runs glory “thunderstorms
the lawyers.” Its main goal is to win the battle with invincible Antonovym.
Now the heroes have to protect not only the interests of justice, but its

The role in “the Victors” was played by Nikita Efremov, Yuliya Peresild, Evgeniy Antropov and Feodor Lavrov. The profession of the main characters in the XIX century was
truly “star”: performances of the best lawyers in open
the process attracted full audiences in the theater: they sold the tickets, they
outbid and even forged. This fact inspired Dmitry Konstantinov
the creation of the script. Viewers will be able to take in a time when hot
court fight was a favorite spectacle of the public, and to enjoy not only
the brilliant work of the author, but colorful decorations, and your favorite actors
brought in the new images.

Anya Chipovskaya, Nikita Panfilov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event