Became known, when the surrogate child is born, Kim Kardashian

Стало известно, когда родится суррогатный ребенок Ким Кардашьян
The reality star is preparing to become a mother for the third time.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with letmi

Photo: @ @ kimkardashian/Instagram

child Kim Kardashian will be born early next year. The surrogate mother hired by the star and her husband Kanye West, is already on
the third month of pregnancy.

That Kardashian and her husband had concluded
a contract with a woman, which they carefully concealed, was reported in
last month. Then it became known that Kim hired a surrogate mother to
it took her another child. For this “service” a woman will receive 113 thousand
dollars. Of these, 68 thousand will be transferred to her immediately — in the first tranche. And
the remaining 45 thousand will be paid gradually, according to the 5 thousand $ a month for
9 months.

However, to obtain this amount, the surrogate
mother will have to observe a number of conditions. First of all, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and
any funds equated to drugs. In addition, the woman
the contract with Kardashian, are allowed to eat during the day only one
drink containing caffeine. It is strictly forbidden to eat raw fish and meat,
dye your hair and… to contact with cats!

On surrogacy, Kim decided not
immediately. At first she wanted to bear a child herself. However, the doctors reminded her that
both her first pregnancy, when expecting her first daughter North, and then son
The Saint proceeded with severe complications. The doctors warned Kardashian that
attempt to bear a third child could cost her her life. Kim even suffered
surgery to reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy outcome, however
it yielded no result. After Kardashian decided to entrust another
the woman carrying the child.