Became known what the outcome of an attempt on the life of Prince George

Стало известно, чем закончилось покушение на жизнь принца Джорджа
Son of Duchess of Cambridge were not allowed to make a single step without protection.


Prince William and the Duchess
Cambridge has never been afraid of attempts on his children — Prince
George and Princess Charlotte. Of course, when Kathryn was out with her children
the city, it was assigned a bodyguard, but he tried to stay away and
to be less noticeable. The Duchess could easily feed the kids in
roadside cafe, walked with them in city parks and went with them to the Museum of natural history. However, in light of recent events, Catherine will have
to reconsider their attitude to the security measures.

The fact that the police
opened already the second attempt on the young George, who next month will be five years. The first time the baby tried to kidnap a woman who twice managed
to penetrate the London school Thomas’s Battersea, where he studied the heir to the throne. Fortunately, the attempted theft of the child failed and she was arrested.

The other day the police
reported that they became aware of the second attempt on the life of George. This
time it was about the attempted poisoning. That he planned
to poison George admitted a certain Hussein Rashid.
This person was arrested for other crimes, but in the process of the investigation, the attacker confessed that
were going to inject poison into cups with ice cream, purchased by the school for George
students. Fortunately, being arrested for other illegal
the action did not let him carry out his intention. Now Rashid is threatened with serious prison term.

George’s parents have already declared that do not intend to be intimidated.
Of course, their protection has been strengthened.
But the Duchess and the Prince are not going to cancel their next public appearance
with children. Next weekend they will appear c George
and Charlotte on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the Trooping the Colour parade, hosted annually to commemorate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth.