Became known to the unexpected circumstances of the death of his daughter Gurchenko

Стали известны неожиданные обстоятельства смерти дочери Гурченко
58-year-old Mary, Queen found in the stairwell.

Стали известны неожиданные обстоятельства смерти дочери Гурченко

Lyudmila Gurchenko


Queen Mary with her daughter Lena and granddaughter Tasia

Photo: Mr Abeltsev

It turned out
the details of the death of his daughter Lyudmila Gurchenko Mary Queen. According to the body of 58-year-old woman was found in a
the porch of her house in Moscow. Reportedly, the past few days, Mary complained
high temperature and cold. This morning she was going to the clinic for
see a therapist, but lost consciousness, coming out of his apartment. In the entrance
The Queen found her daughter Elena. Calling neighbors, the girl had moved
mother on a bench near the house and called an ambulance. Arrived on the call
the doctors pronounced death from heart failure.

that only daughter Gurchenko became, it became known today
the first half of the day. Queen Maria died at 59-m to year of life. Mary remained
daughter Lena and granddaughter Tasia.

Gurchenko has never concealed uneasy relationship with her daughter. Maria in an exclusive interview to the magazine “Caravan of stories” admitted
after the death of his mother became mentally talking to her. “I have so many
over the years, questions have piled up: “Why we did that, but it could
to do otherwise, and there would be hard feelings? Why not talk, is not explained? After all
could fix everything, to change everything…” No answer, sorry… And one I really
sorry. What mother never saw his granddaughter. Many then said that
she really wanted to see Tasia. Don’t know what it prevented? Andrey Malakhovas-that
he told me that on one of the fashion shows Gurchenko sighed, nodding at
the podium, where they presented baby stuff: “That would be this fur coat for Taci…” —
said Maria.

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