Became known to the monstrous waste of johnny Depp

Стали известны чудовищные траты Джонни Деппа

Hollywood actor johnny Depp has recently filed a lawsuit against the team of business managers The Management Group (TMG), accusing them of fraud and dishonest attitude to their duties. 53-year-old actor decided to punish their dollar and demanding compensation for their financial losses.

The Management Group also decided not to remain silent and openly spoke about the wasteful life of a celebrity whose life is on a Grand scale and led to loss of huge sums of money.
Depp insists that from-for unfair works of the company almost went bankrupt and now he has to sell assets, not to declare bankruptcy. Johnny requires that The Management Group paid him $ 25 million, but the company representative said that their guilt neither current nor former employees of the organization do not recognize, and blame wasteful Depp.
As it became known, during the years of financial management of the artist, employees of TMG just wondered what the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is spending money.
For example, Depp spent three million dollars to … to scatter the ashes of hunter S. Thompson, shooting them out of a cannon over the canyon, fifteen-meter yacht, the actor is not spared 18 million, another 4 million he spent on music label, and this investment brought him more loss than profit. Every lover of good wine, johnny spends thirty thousand, 200 thousand dollars Depp must make monthly flights by private aircraft, 300 thousand for the maintenance of 40 assistants, and 150 thousand on the clock security to its stellar body. And this despite the fact that the artist is removed not as often as before.
Johnny is confident that the company’s managers intentionally concealed from him the real state of things, and without his knowledge, he designed new loans. He learned that is on the verge of bankruptcy only when financial managers advised him to sell the French village, where Depp had planned to spend their old age.
“Johnny Depp did not listen to warnings, and tips to lead a more modest life answered with obscene abuse and the requirement to find funds to cover the cost. Wine in a deplorable financial state of Affairs rests entirely on this” -said the representative of The Management Group.
He insists that the actor has always been acquainted with the present state of things, and Depp’s claims related to his unwillingness to pay for the services of the company, the services which he refused and not paid off.