Became known the winner of “the Voice.Children”

Стало известно имя победителя «Голос.Дети» The audience determined the favorite show. Tonight, live on channel another season of the popular project “Voice.Children.” For three months, fans of the program enjoy watching the talents of young performers.
Стало известно имя победителя «Голос.Дети»

Tonight the whole country breathlessly watched who will be the winner of “the Voice.Children.” However, the audience is not only rooting for their favorites, but also had a great opportunity to support the participants by voting for the finalists. The money received for each SMS will be donated to charity Fund “Vera” to help seriously ill children in the regions and wards of the children’s hospice “the House with a beacon” in Moscow.

After the speeches on stage Dmitry Nagiyev closed the public vote. The children were eagerly waiting for the announcement of the results. In the end, third place went to Alina sansyzbay, who represented team Nyusha. Second highest number of votes from viewers was Denise Chikileva, ward Valery Meladze. And the winner of the show “the Voice. Children” in 2017 called the Elizabeth Kachurak. Mentor Dima Bilan was happy that his pupil was loved by the majority of people in our country.

This year the final stage got nine guys. The team of Dima Bilan was submitted to the seven-year-old Alina Golomazova and 12-year-old Snezhana Tires. In the second semi-final of your choice do the viewers – they determined that 13-year-old ward of the singer Elizabeth Kachurak must appear on the air again.

Nyusha gave the opportunity to fight for the victory sansyzbay nine-year-old Alina from Almaty and 12-year-old Julianna with Beregoi from Chisinau. Fans of the show have not left indifferent the singing seven year old Eva Bear. They decided that the girl ought to be in the final. Participant Of “The Voice. Children” Eva’s Bear: “When I was in high school I all applauded”

Valery Meladze chose the 11-year-old Stephanie Sokolov, and 11-year-old Denise Chikileva, but the fans said nine-year-old Alexander Dudka from the city of Novy Urengoy. He was the only boy who this year battled for the victory in the show “the Voice.Children.”

Also this year, users of the Network have a unique opportunity to observe the participants in the “format 360”. They could see what was going on in the auditorium, backstage and in the dressing room.