Became known the winner of the sixth season of “the Voice”

Стал известен победитель шестого сезона «Голоса» Later in the evening, the First channel showed the long-awaited finale of one of the most popular shows in the country. The audience chose the winner out of the four candidates. In the final edition of the project competed Selim Allahyarov, Timofey Kopylov, Yang GE and Ladislav Bubnar.
Стал известен победитель шестого сезона «Голоса»

On Friday, December 29, on the First channel showed the latest release of the sixth season of the show “the Voice” is one of the most popular projects on Russian television. The final four participants – Selim Allahyarov, Yang GE, Timofey Kopylov and Ladislav Bubnar.

At the end of the project the winner was Selim Alferov. The audience gave him the highest number of votes.

For several months fans of the vocal project with a sinking heart, watched the competition and cheered for their favorites. After each edition of the show left one of the participants. All they wanted to surprise the demanding jury and the audience with a vivid and memorable rooms.

On the eve of the finals, the contestants spent a lot of time in the Studio working on voice and movement rehearsing on the stage. They tried to do everything possible to demonstrate a high level of training. Mentors – Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan supported his players and gave them different advice, suggesting how to develop their talents and to win over the audience.

Selim Alferov – the owner of a memorable and very beautiful, according to viewers votes. “Your voice can only envy,” said 30-year-old from Grozny by Leonid Agutin. Selim, who was in command of Alexander Gradsky says that constantly challenges herself. “It’s no secret that the Caucasian mentality is – we are not used to losing!” – said the singer. According to Alferova, he has been pretty lucky with the mentor. The young man calls the city by the wizard, and says that he suffered for each participant.

The participant “Voices” Selim Allahyarov: “I was lying on the floor to avoid the bullets”

“Thanks to the show I’ve grown quite a bit internally. It’s a difficult path: to rehearse a lot, to wait for hours, then to go on stage. Behind me thousands of performances in various venues, but after this experience you could even say: “now I was a real artist,” – said Selim.

The future of Allahyarov wanted to be an entertainer with the academic style of performance. Speaking of favorite artists, the young man selects Andrea Bocelli and Alessandro Safina.

Miniature Chinese Yang GE can speak Russian well-modulated voice. According to the girl, she was the only actress from China, who graduated from VGIK. The capital’s theatergoers know the artist through its participation in performances of “Gogol-center”. In addition, Yang GE played in the movie “the Crew” and sang with the group “Mumiy Troll”. “I love to perform and receive energy from the audience,” she says. The singer has found Dima Bilan wonderful mentor that is easy to work with.

“The fact that I got to the final, was a surprise to me. I’ll worry because are responsible and would fight, not to fail our family. (…) Dima Bilan – wise, experienced, understands which songs you need to choose” – shared Yang GE with a reporter, the show “the Voice” after the semi-finals.

Ladislav Bubnar admitted to “StarHit” that he was very nervous, although the victory had for him decisive. When 33-year-old actor from Prague, who grew up in an orphanage, decided to take part in the project, he never thought it would come to the very end. According to Bubner, it was a big responsibility to prove to the audience and wringing that they did not knowingly believe in it.

“During the project I became friends with other guys that have them feel like rivals. Our task is to put a bright and beautiful point in the project. Win me is not so necessary. I already consider myself a winner. I’m the only one left from the team Pelagia. I have overcome many of their fears and proved that it can achieve a lot. Perhaps if I win the project – it will be primarily a reward for my viewers and Pelagia” – shared Bubnar.

In the future, Ladislav does not rule out that the move to Russia. He is also planning a big concert tour to please the fans. “Maybe someone does seem a step too far, but somehow I believe that viewers will come to me!” he says with a laugh.

One of the most unusual participants of the project was Timofey Kopylov. 40-year-old native of Vladimir is in the group “Record the Orchestra.” At the blind audition, the coaches thought on stage, playing a foreigner. The artist turned Leonid Agutin, to which Timothy and wanted to get.

Participant of the show “the Voice” Timofey Kopylov of the Russian rock music, Outlook on life and bad habits

“I understand that I lack a certain musical, academic base. Never took lessons. I just sing. Imagined myself sometimes almost Thomas Anders when I was a kid. I mow under it. (…) Music is a hobby until you begin to profit concerts. First you work on the name and the equipment, only then the performance of the generate revenue. The semi-finalists very interesting material. Anastasia Zorina also made a lot of noise with his solo number, but, unfortunately, not gone beyond the” – shared Kopylov.

From early childhood he was fascinated by Russian rock. “It is music coming from the heart,” he said. Timothy fired up to get into “Voice” when I saw the performance of Nargiz Zakirova. Kopylov admitted that it became his obsession.