Became known the winner of “Eurovision 2018”

Стал известен победитель «Евровидения 2018» In Lisbon ended with a singing contest. Only the finals were singers from 26 countries. In the end the victory was won by the singer from Israel Netta Barzilai, whose song is most liked by the audience worldwide and by the competent jury.
Стал известен победитель «Евровидения 2018»

63rd Eurovision song contest ended in Lisbon. After all the participants and extended a vote winner Netta Barzilai from Israel. It was her song most impressed the audience and the jury.

Second place went to the singer from Cyprus, Eleni, Fereira, and the third went to the singer from Austria césar Sampson.

Initially a potential winner is considered the Netta Barzilai from Israel, whose song Toy long before the final became an international hit. The video for this song on YouTube music fans watched over 20 million times. The charming actress was one of the leaders in the jury vote that surprised no one, because she sang his hit at the highest level.

But the triumph of Austrian singer Cesar Sampson was a complete surprise for the audience. He was the leader according to the results of jury voting, gaining 271 points, but the audience preferred net Barzilai.

Earlier, the singer from Israel admitted that it was important to act on such a large platform, because her song is a symbol against violence and discrimination against women.

Also for many weeks in the favorites of the competition went singer Eleni, Furara from Cyprus. Girl a was compared to beyoncé due to external similarity and related the manner of execution.

Recall that Julia Samoylova are unable to qualify in the semi-finals of the competition. The girl forgot the words, and eventually got enough points for the next stage of the competition.

Then many stars of the Russian platform supported Samoylova, noting her incredible strength of spirit. So, Philip expressed his regret over the fact that Julia didn’t make the final. He has said many times that they became friends during the time spent in Lisbon.

“These days, the group DoReDos and Julia live in the neighboring rooms. Together we go to the rehearsal together now come on the scene. Wish us luck,” wrote Philip before the finals.

Kirkorov participated in the contest as the Moldovan producer groups DoReDos. The artist wrote for the band a song which also inspired many viewers. They were especially impressed by a complex number, created by team of choreographers. In the end, the team from Moldova managed to enter the top ten.

The audience of the competition unanimously chose Netta Barzilai. The girl gave a phenomenal number of points, and in the end she won with a huge margin. Fans of the singer of Israel believe that her song Toy will definitely be a huge hit this year.