Стали известны истинные причины расставания Виктории Бони с мужем-миллионером
Alexander Smurfit said, which broke up his marriage to TV presenter.

Victoria Bonya Alexander Servicom

For several weeks fans discuss the gap
between his TV presenter Victoria Bonneuil and its civil husband Alexander Servicom. In
this Union, the couple had a wonderful daughter Angelina.
First the final is a beautiful novel on his page in Instagram wrote Victoria herself, saying,
despite the breakup, with Alexander parted friends.

immediately, our parting does not move any fights or infidelity or family problems.
We want to say about this once. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him
six months ago, says Bonia, —
happened, that our relationship turned into friendship, we really love each other,
but it’s a little different.”

Now and former
the husband of Victoria broke the silence and also spoke about the reason of rupture of relations with the mother of his child.

“Our love is unconditional, but sometimes flash
anger leads to miscommunication. That is why we now live separately
says Smurfit. — We’re only human,
respect our privacy and do not expect comments from us. We wish each
other only happiness.”

Subscribers immediately realized that the reason for separation from each
side has its own. The only thing that fits is that former spouses
parted friends.

Many still believe that the reason
the discord between Bonneuil and Alexander was cheating businessman. Alex attributed affair with a young model that
he met at a party.