Became known the true cause of the collapse of the marriage of the singer Fergie

Стала известная подлинная причина крушения брака певицы Ферджи
The singer’s husband caught cheating.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel


Fans of the former
the soloist of The Black Eyed Peas in shock. Case
that though Fergie and her husband broke up recently and haven’t even started the official divorce
process, it turned out that the husband of singer — actor Josh Duhamel is already Dating
another woman. Worse, a cheating husband Fergie managed to have an affair
on the side, not with someone else, and a friend of his wife, actress Olivia Munn!

Vague rumors about
infidelity Josh went around Hollywood for some time. Mentioned, in particular,
an old scandal with a stripper named Delilah, who told about the night
conducted Dunelm at the hotel. But now came to light new facts.
How did the scout reporters, Josh spun
an affair with Mann in the spring of last year. Of course,
colleagues Duhamel and Olivia in the film The Buddy Games, could not help but notice that this couple holds
so much time together — both on the set and
limits. But I then found an excuse for close contact with Mann in
what he had to do it because of the circumstances. After all, he not only
played a major role in their joint film, but also was the Director of the project. However
now there were witnesses who confirmed: Josh has been invited Olivia to
romantic date restaurants, not to mention the fact that they often
were alone together in his room…

As for
Fergie, now her friendship with Mann, most likely, will end. This story is likely to affect the course of the coming divorce of the singer and her husband, broke up after 8 years of marriage. Recall: a novel, Fergie and Josh began in
2007, when she was a soloist of The Black Eyed Peas. In December
Of 2007 they announced their engagement in January 2009 and got married in
Malibu. Their only son, Axel, for custody of which the spouses now
have to compete, was born in August 2012 year.