Became known the sex of the baby of Mila kunis

Стал известен пол ребенка Милы Кунис
The actress and her husband on the seventh heaven from happiness.

Стал известен пол ребенка Милы Кунис

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis
soon will give his daughter Uayett, which will soon be two years, brother! This became known thanks
the edition of In Touch, who reported this
news. The exact date of birth of the actress is not reported, presumably the addition
to the family should occur in November.

pregnant Mila became known in June, when the official representative kunis
confirmed the news. Some time ago, Mila noticed that would be quite
not mind if she had another girl. But now, knowing that
she will have a boy, the actress was also glad. How to say mom kunis — Ludmila — have started to purchase “dowry” blue color and is going to give it a Mile and

Kunis and her husband, who played
a wedding in 2015, right from the start
decided to create a large family. “From the moment I gave birth to Uayett, I
know that we will surely have another baby. And after we give birth
second, we will continue — as long as I don’t feel that our family
finally got full!” said kunis in one of her interviews. Despite
the fact that the actress is well aware — already with two children she will not be controlled
just, she is not afraid of difficulties, because Ashton has already managed to prove himself as
just the perfect father. And Mila is extremely grateful to him for what he
constantly helping her.

Mila Kunis