Became known the sex of the baby Nicky Hilton

Стал известен пол ребёнка Ники Хилтон

Paris Hilton in awe of what would soon become an aunt – her sister is Nicky Hilton pregnant with her first child from husband James Rothschild. The journalists UsWeekly caught the famous blonde at FIT’s Annual Gala in new York city and questioned her about who is expecting the couple.

Hilton blabbed that this summer her sister will give birth to a girl, and it brings her indescribable delight.
“I’m delighted that Nicky has will child, am in a terrible excitement. We will have a beautiful little girl, and I can’t wait to see her” said Paris.
The famous socialite and DJ told that Nicky and James are preparing for baby’s arrival.
“They will be completely ready for that moment when the baby is born. I’m already on kids stores and buying everything for my niece. When it became known that it will be a girl, it is easier to buy her clothes and toys. She already has so many beautiful dresses and everything necessary for your little Princess. Looking forward to when I’ll finally see her in them, “said Hilton.
Paris, who just last month broke up with her boyfriend Thomas gross, said it was ready to help my sister to raise the baby.
“Really can’t wait to see the niece and do what is supposed to do aunt. I’ve never been an aunt, and this is something new for me. I adore children and can’t wait to meet our little Princess” said Hilton.
On a question of journalists, whether Paris knows how to call the child, the celebrity replied:
“My favorite name is London, but it’s not my child, so I don’t know what name to choose her parents” — she said.
Next week Nicky arranges a baby-shower in Los Angeles.

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