Стал известен пол будущего ребенка Анастасии Костенко
In social networks laugh at the name for the baby.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Recently Anastasia Kostenko has officially confirmed her pregnancy: she has published footage of the photo shoot, where they were sealed bare rounded belly. Shooting was timed to the birthday of the model, in celebration of which, it seems, accidentally declassified the sex of the baby.

A surprise party with our closest friends, was held in a country house Tarasov. Many users of social networks drew attention to the fact that the mansion was decorated with arrangements of pink balls. Besides, the parents in the Facebook began to use the “smile” depicting a happy family: father, mother and daughter. Fans are sure that in such a clever way steam has declassified the sex of the baby.

“Thank you beloved and friends, who made me an incredible surprise. I realize now that in all senses to be an adult and it can not but rejoice,” wrote Anastasia after the holiday. Surprisingly, some subscribers of the pair implies that the girl can call Olga to a painful “prick” Buzova. According to another version, Dmitry will give the girl the name that ex-wife had once picked out for her unborn child. It is known that Olga wanted to become a mother, but for some reason in five years of marriage with Tarasov she never got pregnant. However, the name variants of a daughter pair is more like a joke than reality.

Meanwhile, the press leaked the information that a new addition to the family of Dmitry will happen in June. Recall that he has a daughter from his first marriage — eight-year-old angelina.