Стал известен секрет успеха российской сборной на ЧМ-2018
What the team is especially grateful to Stanislav Cherchesova?


Approaching the final of the world Cup has become for many the highlight of the summer, and for Russians in particular. The output of the Russian team in one-fourth of the world Cup is still being discussed by the experts: how domestic players have managed to achieve such success? Stanislav Cherchesov will not reveal their training secrets, but some members of the coaching staff willing to tell in an interview about some of his methods.

For example, today Miroslav Romashchenko has told how Cherchesov we prepared the players for victory. “It was very much unusual. Salamis prepared sayings of famous people, including XIX, XVIII centuries, which were relevant to us. And before every game under the schedule was posted, a new quote. Cherchesov asked some of the players it all to say. Sometimes sayings were funny, and the whole team were immediately picked up and began to laugh. But more will not tell, let others do it. I can only say that this is a very good influence on the atmosphere in the team,” said Romashchenko.

Maintained a positive attitude and team Artem Dzyuba. He made the final speech before entering the field, cheering his colleagues.

And Cherchesov did not prevent friends and family supported his charges. “This whole tournament he found some ways to relax the players, knowing the voltage of the tournament. As that was three times sent them home, what the players were surprised. Moreover, almost every day in Novogorsk could come relatives, friends, and spent time there after recovery until the end, so also here a few times you can go!” — quotes by Miroslav SE.