Became known the reasons for the separation Kylie Jenner and Taiga

Стали известны причины расставания Кайли Дженнер и Тайги

A few hours ago it became known about the separation of the youngest stars of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kylie Jenner and rapper Taiga after two years of relationship. Sources claim that eighteen years of celebrity tired of the cheating boyfriend.

As it became known, they broke up a few weeks ago, and this time, it seems, finally. The last time the couple had an argument before the Ball costume Institute. Insiders say that Kylie had virtually no contact with her boyfriend, and he really did not like. They quarreled, and Kylie told him what I thought.
“She tired of his constant betrayals, for which he was unrepentant. Too many times she promised herself to end this relationship and move on” — said the source.
Kylie strained and that she was between two fires – the future daughter-in-law the black Chin, the Forest gave birth to son king Cairo now is carrying the child of her older brother Rob and is going to marry him. After the boyfriend congratulated the mother of your first child with a happy novel, Kylie gave him a thrashing, because the rapper was ordered not to comment on this event, but he disobeyed.
By the way, mother’s Day, Taiga had spent in the company of his mother and the unknown woman, is still time to convince Kylie that she made the right choice.

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