Became known the reasons for the separation Fergie and Josh Duamel

Стали известны причины расставания Ферджи и Джоша Дюамэля
Recently the public was shocked by the news about the divorce of the star couple, singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel.

Стали известны причины расставания Ферджи и Джоша Дюамэля

In the beginning of the year the couple celebrated eight years since the wedding, but a few days ago reported breakup. A source close to the couple, told about the reasons that led to divorce.

“One of the main factors in the breakup of their relationship is that Fergie and Josh are very different. First, it attracts them. However, they came from two completely different worlds and they want different things. In the end, their lives went in two opposite directions, they rarely spent time with each other, including for work,” shared the insider.

It should be noted that the pair were together for 13 years, and now they have a growing 4-year-old son Axl.

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