Became known the reasons for departure Fly from “Revizorro”

Стали известны причины ухода Летучей из «Ревизорро»

According to the host, in this convinced her beloved.

It seems, never around the program on the audit cafes and hotels was so much hype in the last month!

The real sensation was the news about the departure of leading the project of Fly… Lena Said that she had a fight with the management channel, it lured, and many other things! But, as it turned out, the reason, after all, personal. To leave the project asked her favorite man…

“Seeing as I stuffed to spend health and nerves for the sake of the project, Yura never said, “isn’t that enough?” When there have been serious incidents that called him, it was important to me just to talk. I am fire, he is water, it helped me come back into balance. Jura considered, but never overtighten the blanket over to their side, just one day said, “Think of what’s best for you in life the most important thing? What do you want? To withdraw? I don’t want you to continue as it is now. Want to take care of their health. But it will support if you need it. However, I will try to talk then,” confessed the Woman’s Day Flying.

Thus, according to the famous blonde, she isn’t leaving the show for good. To compete with Olga Romanovskaya (namely, she became the new host!) she has no plans, but will remain as producer of the program.

“But “Revizorro” for me as a kid. I gave birth to, nursed and raised. And never their offspring won’t quit. There remain a producer. No matter who comes after me – black, blonde or redhead, the main thing is to keep it socially relevant. Olga Romanov will do my utmost to help, to lend and a shoulder, and a vest. She was a soloist of group “VIA Gra”. But spectacular. And pause I need to prepare a major history in the family of “Revizorro,” which’ll lead,” he continued Volatile.

Well, one can only hope that Lena and Olga really work well. Because, as you recognize, the two girls they are different not only in appearance but also in temperament…

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