Became known the possible causes of the death of Iryna Berezhna

Стали известны возможные причины гибели Ирины Бережной A source in the Ukrainian foreign Ministry said the preliminary version of the accident that occurred last weekend. Then the former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Irina Berezhnaya died in a car accident. According to some reports, the car driver was tired and lost control.
Стали известны возможные причины гибели Ирины Бережной

In the night from Saturday to Sunday in a car accident died, the 36-year-old former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Irina Berezhnaya. The tragedy occurred on the highway between the cities of Maslenica and Posedarje in Croatia. The driver, 38-year-old Bulgarian national, died on the spot. Eight-year-old daughter Irina, Daniella, who was sitting in a child seat, escaped with minor injuries and was taken to the hospital in Zadar.

According to media reports, the car that was gentle, suddenly swerved off the road, plowed through a fence and crashed into a pole at high speed, presumably exceeding 100 kilometers per hour. The source of journalists in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that the accident could occur as a result of the accident. Correspondents had not yet received official confirmation.

“According to preliminary version, the driver who drove the Gentle, asleep, the car left the road and crashed into a pole,” – said the insider.

At the moment the body is gentle in Croatia. It will give women friends after law enforcement officers find out circumstances of incident. Ukrainian media reported that the father of the injured Danielle arrived at the hospital Zadar, where it is now. By the way, Iryna Berezhna were not officially married and was always careful to hide the name of the parent daughter.

His last days, the woman held in Baku at the festival “Heat”, but literally the day before her death, she shared the photograph, taken in Monte Carlo. In the picture also captured the singer Gluk’oza. Later, the artist said goodbye to a friend in Instagram.

“My darling girl, you left this world, like a real Princess in the Prime of life, beauty and speed. The heart is injustice! (…) You, as always, was on hand at the most difficult moments! The last days of your life we spent together and I will remember this time forever! We have so much planned and discussed. Thank you for the friendship, I really miss you,” wrote the singer.

Gentle sudden death caused a public outcry. Journalists report that the accident on the stretch of road between the Maslenica and Posedarje – a rarity. This section of the track equipped with everything necessary for safe riding, including reflective signs and electronic signs. RT correspondents suggest that the driver was probably driving in a state of fatigue. The collision was so strong that rescuers had pulled the body out of the car for two hours with the help of special equipment.