Became known, the place of the funeral of Hugh Hefner

Стало известно место похорон Хью Хефнера

After the 91 th year of life died the founder of the popular magazine “Playboy” in his home in Los Angeles surrounded by loved ones. Became known, the place of the funeral of the billionaire, which he bought 25 years ago. Man buried near Marilyn Monroe.

Стало известно место похорон Хью Хефнера

Bury the body of a celebrity in Los Angeles, next to the sex symbols of the 50-ies of Marilyn Monroe. A place near the graves of Monroe, Hefner bought another 25 years, paying for it 75 thousand dollars. “Eternity next to Marilyn Monroe is worth it to go,” said the founder of Playboy.

This celebrity graced the cover of the first issue in 1953. Hefner created his being at home in the kitchen. He bought 6 photos of Marilyn before she became a celebrity. First issue got a lot of recognition and sold over a thousand copies.

It is worth noting that the man himself does not have positioned the magazine as depraved. Despite the fact that they published photos of naked girls, there was an interview with famous writers. In a couple of months after the release of the first issue, Hugh began to publish a novel of ray Bradbury “451 degrees Fahrenheit”. Of course, accusations of perversion and sexual content, Hefner could not be avoided and was even convicted. Punishment was avoided, but sometimes even the postmen refuse to deliver Playboy subscribers. Soon the editor began to full of fun to live in his “Playboy Mansion” where rolled the amazing party.

Man never met Marilyn Monroe, but said “he will have a lot of time in her company”. The lifeless body of the blonde found in her bedroom in Brentwood. The official cause of death was acute poisoning with barbiturates. Near her body were found with empty vials. But was soon put forward a new version of her death. In the apartment the girl was found the listening devices that were recording and the day of the murder. Believes that the girl committed suicide, but many believe that she herself laid hands.