Became known the official name of the sequel “Pacific abroad”

Стало известно официальное название сиквела «Тихоокеанского рубежа»

The shooting of the sequel to the fantastic “Pacific rim” kicked off in Australia. About the new project we know very little, but thanks to the actor Stephen Denita John Boyega, we learned the official name of the future picture.

On his page in Instagram Boyega has published the luxury leather cover scenario, which is the official name of film — “Pacific rim: the Maelstrom”.

The new film will again evolve around the battle of earthlings with the monsters that come out from under the earth through the ocean rift.

By the way, John Boyage in the film got the role of the son of the protagonist from the previous part that needs to withstand the impending Apocalypse.
The premiere of the film “Pacific rim: the Maelstrom” is scheduled for February 2018.