Became known the names of the finalists of the new season of “Battle of psychics”

Стали известны имена финалистов нового сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов» The results of the voting members of the jury have divided fans into two camps. But the participants endorsed the choice of leading. Marat Basharov said that all the rest of the show the magicians deserve to win.

The eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics” is coming to an end, and every viewer has their favorites. Many participants of the project manifested itself in the first test, and some reached the optimum form only in the latest editions.

In one of the final tests of the new season, the wizards had to deal with a terrible mystery. They investigated a mass suicide, which for many years happen on the farm Evseevka in the Krasnodar region. Almost every local family was a tragedy, but the inhabitants of the village are unable to find any explanation of what is happening.

Psychics, arrived on the scene almost immediately felt something was wrong. So, Jean and Dana Alibekova realized that the regular tragedy happens, but are unable to explain the true cause terrible occasions. Alexander Kininova long worked to gather my thoughts, but eventually he saw the rope. It is the hanging was the main cause of death of many local residents.

However, the greatest impression on the inhabitants of the village made Hecate Constantine and Sofia Egorova. They came to the conclusion that the cause of mass suicides is a curse. Also, the psychics were able to tell about the personal lives of many people present on the set.

What Constantine and Sophia were the first finalists of the project. But the name of the third lucky winner of the jury was not able to call. On last week’s selection show, in the next step were all psychics.

“I really wanted to be in the final here stood you all in five. The jury took place, and we decided that everyone deserves the right to win. So now everything will depend on the audience”, – said Marat Basharov.

Psychics were happy to hear this news. Sophia Yegorov said that managed to make friends with all the finalists, and therefore would be upset by the lack of someone at the final trials. However, not all the spectators were encouraged by the sudden turn. So, some of them noted that because of the lack of the loser, the entire interest in the project is lost.

“Of course, there is everyone, but without a winner and a loser can not do. Too long they delay the expulsion”, “Constantine will win, from the very first issue shows itself well. Sonia will take second place, and the rest was to pay”, “I’m glad the judges decision. Already accustomed to the guys, no one want to say goodbye”, – shared his impressions of fans of “the battle of psychics”.

Now the result season will depend on the audience. Until the 16th of December, they will be able to vote for their favorites. In the latest issue of the 18th “the battle of psychics” four participants will have to pass several tests. Marat Basharov has promised that it will be the most strenuous shooting for each of them, and therefore, the final show will be hot.