Стали известны имена наставников пятого сезона шоу «Голос»

At the end of August in Moscow will begin the first auditions to participate in one of the most popular musical projects in our country!

All, of course, wondering who will judge the show this time. And here is the mystery of the creators of the project opened…

As writes the edition “life!”, in the fifth season of the chair of the jury will take the artists who have participated in other seasons of the show: Filipp Kirkorov, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and Polina Gagarina. Refused to shoot only Alexander Gradsky and Pelagia. Last, we will remind, from-for pregnancy.

The fifth season of “the Voice” starts on the First channel at the beginning of September and will be completed traditionally in three months in December. The final will be one participant who will determine the winners.

In the first season of the show Dina Garipova won in the second – Sergey Volchkov, the third – Alexander Vorobiev, and in the fourth – hieromonk Photius.

In Russian show “the Voice” aired in 2012 and has become the equivalent of The Voice, which first appeared in 2010 on Dutch television.

In February of last year, “Voices” appeared children’s counterpart, called “Voice. Children.”

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