Became known, the legacy left by Leonid Bronevoy

Стало известно, какое наследство оставил Леонид Броневой
A modest estate of the legendary artist can get his wife and daughter.

Leonid Bronevoy


Inheritance of deceased
Leonid Sergeyevich Armor had baffled his fans. It turned out that the legendary artist lived more than modestly and did not leave behind any
significant savings or expensive real estate.

The actor was only modest
the complex of an intestate will be divided between a
the second actor’s wife Victoria and daughter Valentina Armor. Also Leonid
Sergeyevich is the granddaughter of Olga, which is the successor of the second stage. A modest inheritance is not due to the fact that the artist forgot, or he couldn’t
earn. Asceticism was one of the principles of Armor. He did not tolerate nonsense.

“I can easily live always
emphasized in the press Armor. — Special difficulties not experienced.
Primarily because my wife and little queries.
We consciously decided to limit them. Well, of course, to have a cottage.
To come back on weekends, to relax, to breathe the air.
But the country will need a car — not on yourself
same products to carry. To the car — garage…, And so on.
No, it is better not to start. Therefore, no garden,
no car we have. There is only one bedroom apartment
torn from the fight. That’s all I got. Yes, I more
needs nothing, my wife and I together, where do more!
I am a man of self-restraint… We, the Soviet power has accustomed
be content with what we have. On the one hand, it’s awful.
On the other hand, less hassle”.