Became known the fate of Jon snow in new season of “Game of thrones”

Стала известна судьба Джона Сноу в новом сезоне «Игры престолов»

The screens came a new series of the sixth season of HBO ‘s “Game of thrones”, and the intrigue that stretches for more than a year – dead or alive Jon snow is finally revealed.

In the second series of the TV show, the Red witch was able to resurrect the son of ned stark, whose role is brilliantly performed by kit Harrington. And if the writers are not up to the dastardly ending for this character, we can confidently declare: Jon snow is alive.
In a recent interview Keith Harrington had to apologize for what he was forced to lie for so long, alluding to the fact that his character died. We till the end and did not believe, but when the actor in plain text said that the Lord commander “deader than dead”, it was a bit sad.
“I ask you to forgive me for my deception. Frankly, I was glad when I learned that the audience was so upset on hearing of the death of my hero Jon snow. Most of all I worried that they won’t care. But people were so genuinely upset that I realized what I do and our whole project — that’s right,” said Keith.

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