Became known, the end of “Game of thrones”

Стало известно, когда закончится «Игра престолов»

The producers of the series announced that the eighth season of teleshi.

Fans of the series, stock up on handkerchiefs for you unpleasant news: it became known, when “Game of thrones”. According to the producers, the eighth season will be its last.

Hush hush, we understand that you are already his life is not without favorite characters, but you have a couple years to come to terms with this fact. After April 24 will premiere the sixth season only, and therefore to the final are still at least two. And then, suddenly, the producers will change your mind…

“I think we came to the last 13 episodes. We are entering the last lap,” he admitted to journalists the producer of the series producers David Benioff, adding that “nothing is written in stone”.

Recall that the first season of “Game of thrones” was released in spring 2011. In five years of existence, telesia won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. Needless to say, if only the trailer of the new season in one day, gained 30 million hits. Today the project is considered to be one of the most popular series in HBO history.

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