Became known the dirty details of the past of the chosen son of Maria Shukshina

Стали известны грязные детали прошлого избранницы сына Марии Шукшиной In early autumn the pregnant Freya, silber accused the actress’s son Makar Kasatkina in the beating. Scandal in the family of heirs to Vasily Shukshin does not subside until now. Girlfriend 19-year-old heroine of the talk show told the truth about her life a few years ago.
Стали известны грязные детали прошлого избранницы сына Марии Шукшиной

In September, the name of Freyja silber learned the whole country. A pregnant young woman contacted law enforcement, saying that the son of Maria Shukshina, Makar Kasatkin beat her. Freya and grandson of the famous writer Vasily Shukshin was in a relationship. According to Zilber, Makar is not only engaged in physical abuse towards her, 19-year-old boy hunted and selling illegal substances. Beloved young man came to the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev, where experts and her friends, told the truth about Freya’s past.

Host of in the beginning of the filming warned that because silber is pregnant, she will not be able to be tested on a lie detector. In the family way women do not polygraph.

Стали известны грязные детали прошлого избранницы сына Марии Шукшиной

In the Studio talk shows were invited to Freya’s friends, Paulina and Elina. Pauline told the experts that Freya complained to a friend that Makar Kasatkin beat her. However, the girl refused to talk about the past pregnant friend and strongly defended it.

Another friend Elina came to the talk show from Barnaul, where she lived, silber, girls studied together in school. According to her, Freya was engaged in prostitution and led antisocial lifestyle. Experts have confirmed words of the girl.

Also on the transmission it turned out that Freya passport – Anastasia. She already has a daughter Zilber gave birth at age 14, the girl brought up her parents. Beloved Makar Kasatkina did not deny that she lived at the expense of men.

“I decided to keep the baby, she brings up my mother. I realized that at this stage I can’t give her love daughter. People blame for the fact that the woman lives at the expense of men. For me, if a man gives money – it’s okay,” said silber in the Studio talk show.
Стали известны грязные детали прошлого избранницы сына Марии Шукшиной

After the program “really” with Dmitry Shepelev Freya published a post on the Network. The pregnant heroine of the talk show tried to make excuses for his past.

“I went there to prove I’m not lying, all I said was not falsified and not fiction, that someone out there to tarnish. And experts analyzing the situation, made findings in favor of the veracity of my words. The assault is not an invention, drugs were distributed. Pregnancy is not a cunning plan, but the relationship is not a Scam. But still, let’s not forget that either way, that’s TV, and the program without the pepper and draw attention to my person. It would be a boring restatement of facts, right? Someone relationships before marriage seem to be prostitution. Someone thinks prostitution to take expensive gifts and refusing them. And the girl who came to the program the evening before, from Barnaul on the next flight. With her intimate relationship I’m not long enough, decided to say that here, if you have a wealthy young man who gives you money, provides, and everything else, you have a prostitute. Elina saw several of my relations to the last. She has every right to say so, as do my men completely took over my comfort. It’s not prostitution, I think, the opinion of others may be different.” – posted by Zilber in Instagram.

Experts of the talk show noted that Freya needed psychiatric help. After all, she not only learned early motherhood, but had been using drugs long before Dating with Kasatkin.