Became known the details of the wedding of Britney Spears and Sam Asgari

Стали известны подробности свадьбы Бритни Спирс и Сэма Асгари

A new novel Britney Spears is developing rapidly. No sooner had the actress to talk about the fact that she has a new lover, as the press has already reported about the upcoming wedding.

Media reported that Britney plans to marry a 23-year-old model and dancer Sam Asgari. Fan artist tormented in doubts: on the one hand they are delighted that she is again in love, but on the other hand, many believe that Asgari enjoys a 35-year-old singer to promote themselves in show business. Note that this benefit is the fact that the couple lives exclusively at the expense of Britney.

Well, assuming that the wedding is Britney really can take place in the near future, insiders already know what it will be. It is expected a great show, the highlight of which will be butterfly: “For the ceremony, Spears plans to order butterflies: “When Britney and Sam are pronounced husband and wife,in the sky fly many butterflies, it is expected a spectacular show”.

We will remind, Asgari became the hero of the new clip of Britney Slumber Party — acquaintance of the pair happened during the filming. It is also known that Asgari had moved into the house of Britney in Las Vegas. The source said that the lovers spend all their time together and can’t live in different houses.