Стали известны подробности самоубийства звезды КВН Star KVN hanged himself in a recreation in Vladikavkaz – the information about the suicide was confirmed by his colleague. Shortly before his death, Aslan Alborov married a girl named Fatima. The day of the tragedy the wife was with the husband but could not save him from the terrible step.
Стали известны подробности самоубийства звезды КВН

A few hours ago it became known that participant of the team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov suddenly died. This was announced by the Director of the North Ossetian theatre KVN Exiled Pliev.

Later it turned out that Alborov committed suicide during the holidays – the actor hanged himself. According to colleagues of the deceased, Aslan always was cheerful and in his life everything was good – shortly before his death, the comedian got married to a girl named Fatima. The day of the tragedy the wife stood by her husband.

Died 33-year-old player of KVN

“Yes, it was suicide. We can not say anything. It happened today at 4 o’clock in the morning, any version, not even note the post-mortem was not found. The only thing I would like is to refrain from false versions. The man had everything was normal, work, work. He was married, recently married… he was fine, everything went normally, I just know it”, – said Pliev with “StarHit”.
Стали известны подробности самоубийства звезды КВН

After the game in the “Pyramid” Alborov went to work on channel “Ossetia-Iriston”. In 2011 he was considered the eligible bachelor version of the 15-th region. A Alborova remembered as a kind and open guy. In a press-service of the company did not have any details about the death of Aslan.

“We were not informed about the reasons for his death, but it did not hurt at all, it seemed, felt good. This morning called the head of the channel, and he has announced that our colleague died,” said the North Ossetian channel “Ossetia-Iriston”.

On the personal page of Aslan fans of the team “Pyramid” leave words of condolence. Many can’t believe that comedian gone too soon from life. The international Union of KVN also brought condolences to the family Alborova.

“Vladikavkaz on 34-m to year of life has died the actor of KVN team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov. The international Union of KVN expresses its sincere condolences to the family”, – stated in the message.

Farewell to Aslan by Alborova be held on July 6 in Vladikavkaz. “He was the author of the television project. Aslan and his wife went to the recreation center. Again, we don’t know yet what happened. Guys KVN team “Pyramid” will come to his funeral,” – said the Exiled.

Later, Alexander Maslyakov has responded to the sad news of the death of Alborova. “Yes, but what I details not yet know. “Pyramid” is one of my favorite teams, they’re all very talented guys. Aslan too young to die, but, unfortunately, it happened. I am very sorry for the guys and friends of his,” – said Maslyakov.

A colleague of Aslan Exiled Pliev emphasized that the friends and family of comedian don’t want to spread false facts about the deceased in the media.

“There are no secret mysteries. It was our friend, and we for him, and after the death of answer. Just don’t want to, because of the specificity of the region, to some false rumors went. Fatima, his wife, she said that she is ready to give review, after the funeral, of course, that there was no gossip,” – said the Exiled.